Mariah Carey gives a funny twist patatero the classic “All I Want for Christmas” in this spot


In a new spot released by Walkers in the Uk Mariah Carey gives a tasty twist to your iconic christmas song “All I Want for Christmas” (in which they are protagonists on this occasion the fries).

mariah carey

Christmas is looming already on the horizon and in little time we will all be humming (as owned by such catchy rhythmic tapping) one of the christmas songs par excellence: the legendary “All I Want for Christmas” of Mariah Carey.

However, if in the emblematic theme of the diva of the music does not tire of repeating that all he wants for Christmas is you (in the broadest sense of the term), in a new and fun spot released in the Uk by the brand of potato chips Walkers (Lay’s in these parts) the christmas wishes of the good Mariah Carey are much more mundane.

In the spot, signed by the agency AMV BBDOthe singer filmed a music video for “All I Want for Christmas” and during a break, doing honor to their reputation (apparently undeserved) diva, Carey close in a fight with an elf with the ultimate goal to take the glove to a bag of Walkers flavor “Pigs in Blankets”. Finally, the american singer leaves you K. O. your opponent with its phenomenal treble.

If you do not see correctly the video embedded, click here

Of just 60 seconds duration, the ad has been directed by the director of video clips Joseph Khan, who has previously worked with Carey, and also with artists of the height of Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.

The spot was premiered this weekend on Twitter and made his television debut in the end of X Factor.

Beyond the announcement, Carey will appear in the promotional packaging of Walkers until you reach the Christmas and will be also the protagonist of a promotion that provides consumers the opportunity to win everything they want for Christmas.

The participants in a tempting contest may win prizes every hour and such prizes will be of the most varied, from game consoles to the headphones design going for the cash and the socks holidays ideal to wear in Christmas.