Miley Cyrus is uni to the protests to send an inspiring message


Because of the recent protests in the united States, there have been many celebrities who have raised their voice in protest for what happened, and one of them has been Miley Cyrus.

Last week an officer of police he quit the life of a citizen of african-american descent, reason for which they have unleashed a riot in the pasand the singer us their networks to add their support.

Source: Instagram

The famous I shared in his personal account of Instagram a few photos in which you were making a call for justice for the late George Floyd, and in other public the number of the office of the Governor of Minnesota, the place where happened the event.

These images of Miley have reached quickly ms 275 thousand likes in addition to thousands of comments from faithful fanticos, apoyndola to show their position in regard to this situation.

Source: Instagram

Thus, the also actress public a message next to the instant, expressing your annoyance about what is happening, and that has ensured that it is unfortunate that this type of cases to be something recurrent in the pas.

Like many of you, I am angry, outraged and heartbroken by the injustice in our country that has been going on for a long time, centuries, and generations.

Source: Instagram

In the same message, Miley Cyrus dej released the number of the Governor’s office so that all his fans can make their displeasure to the institution, and asked that each one do your part to see that justice is done.

For my fans, every one of us has a voice. I ask that you please use it now. Please call the Governor of Minnesota and the attorney general demanding justice, we need everyone to do their part to make justice a reality.