Millie Bobby Brown, the girl behind ‘Eleven’ of Stranger Things Celebrities


The children of the Stranger Things I only needed only a season of the series to jump to the fame. The main character, Eleven, is played by the Spanish actress Millie Bobby Brown, who to their 12 years he lived in England and the united States and took the cover of ‘Interview Magazine’.

The last session of photos done to Millie Bobby Brown he was in charge of the photographer Mikael Jansson. In these images, ‘Eleven’ increases your side that is tough and poses with a wave rocker. Let the rose dress from the side, but not the gaze fixed and hard.

With black suits, and accessories with sharp, Millie Booby Brown shows that behind ‘Eleven’ there is also a history. In this edition of ‘Interview Magazine’, the interview was performed by the dancer Maddie Ziegler, close friend of the actress.

Millie and Maddie have become good friends
Millie and Maddie have become good friends

In this conversation of friends, are aware of how to start the friendship between Millie Bobbie Brown and Maddie Ziegler, who has been hailed as one of the teenagers most influential of 2016. ‘Eleven’ confessed that it was fan of Maddie and attended the program for the dancer to know her.

In addition, Millie Bobby Brown, who shows maturity on the talk, he confesses his passion for acting and the work. He called the council of ‘Ross from Friends’ or David Schwimmer as the best. The actor said ‘you have to love what you do’ and this is what the little actress recalls all the time. She was excited because “there are famous people who want it” from his involvement in Stranger Things.

The kiss between ‘Eleven’ and ‘Mike’ of Stranger Things it was the first of Millie Bobby Brown. It is a subject that he recalled in the interview. “I had to kiss Finn. At the end of the day, it is only action and it is something that should be done and I would do anything for the show. Cut my hair, kissing Finn. It was weird. He was, like, my first kiss, so it was a little weird. But once that’s done, I thought this makes sense for the story”, mentioned in the interview.

The friendship between the children of Stranger Things is maintained even when there are no cameras. They have two or three more years of that Millie Bobby Brown and the bother as a younger sister.

The second season of the series brothers Duffer this program for 2017. The fans are waiting in Netflix. In the meantime, enjoy the photos taken for Interview Magazine‘.