Natti Natasha is dressed as a “Princess swan” and this is the result


The bella Natti Natasha every time that you can make your own. This time decided to dress up as a “Princess swan” Look here the result!

Natti Natasha is to elevation in the world of music as one of the stars of reggaeton at the time, with several of their songs plastered on the billboards not only latinas, but of Europe and the united States.

The originality and charm of Natti Natasha, added to its beauty and perfect body, have catapulted to the top.

Today, Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista, the first name of our dear Natti Natashahas rubbed shoulders with greats of the genre of urban Latin america, such as Daddy Yankee, Ozuna or her friend, Becky G.

Each song takes off, it is a smash hit, in part due to the good handling of their social networks this beauty in the dominican republic 33 years.

And when we talk about your style to dress, Natti Natasha it also stands out. In several red carpets we have seen her wear dresses totally radical and different to everything traditional.

In this opportunity, Natti Natasha decided to dress up as a “Princess swan“with a corset of the most particular. I look at her and tell us what you think!