New Diplomas In Digital Transformation |


Of the hand of the leading specialists in Digital Transformation, Marketing and Information Technology, the UCA returned to innovate by launching a Diploma in Digital Transformation. The same is intended for professionals linked to the Economic Sciences, entrepreneurs, Smes, students who are advanced and interested in a start in the study of the tools for the digital transformation of organizations. Has a duration of 6 months and its completion will be on Thursday from 18 to 21 hs. with virtual classes through the Classroom and Zoom activities for Platform EVA.

The Coordinator of this new academic proposal, the Lic Pedro I. Chiesa (Digital Business Strategist for Columbia Business School, New York), explains that: “The rules of doing business have changed. In all industries, the diffusion of new digital technologies is forcing you to evolve models and business processes. Along with this, the pandemic by the coronavirus COVID-19 has been forced to accelerate these changes at an unprecedented pace. The good news is that there are methodologies and real-world tools of direct application that make possible a successful Digital Transformation of companies”.

The CP Mary B. Abrach (Consultancy companies and specialist with vast experience in the area of systems and management of data and management information) advances that “Currently the information should be considered as a strategic asset for organizations. The interpretation of the data that is generated around the same stored in structured databases and unstructured allow you to obtain a competitive advantage for themselves.”

For its part, the Lic Luciano Corvalán (Digital Marketing Columbia Business School and a Ba Cs. Business, Universidad Austral) gives us about “how the brand-building truly meaningful, adds value to the marketing strategy in a world of consumers in networks, and uses of the innovation as exercise and strategic ability for companies to add value to their customers.”

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