Pabllo Vittar about how you use your platform to raise awareness about the rights of LGBTQ+


One of the voices most emblematic of the LGBTQ+ chat with Grazia Mexico and Latin america through its campaign with Calvin Klein.

Pabllo Vittar about how you use your platform to raise awareness about the rights of LGBTQ+

June 1, 2020

Each year, June is dedicated to the pride and the tireless fight for the rights of the LGBTQ+; a month that was memorial for the riots Stonewall in 1969. Even though the celebrations are for 30 days, we should all practice respect and inclusion throughout the year, and plant security in those who feel confused and rejected.

In the second decade of the TWENTY-first century this conversation is open thanks to those who have used their platforms to create awareness on the collective work that we do as a society. Among those voices is that of Pabllo Vittar, drag queen and ambassador Calvin Klein, who is said to be blessed to have a family understanding that supported him always, but he notes in an interview with Grazia Mexico and Latin america that, “the majority of the people in our community are not so lucky. We should raise our voices, together, and trying to make the world a better place for everyone, right?”.

Pabllo is defined as “fierce, addicted to work and the iconic”. Their particular essence has led her to become a role model for thousands of people in the community, a role that as it stands, “it is important for the child to LGBTQ + that is growing to see that they are ‘different’ or who do not have talent or are not worthy, we are all what we are!”. She grew up without admire someone because there were famous personalities that they were open with their sexuality; however that has changed, “we now have a lot [de personas famosas] in all parts and in different positions and markets”, he added.

Create human ties, always with respect, is the foundation of the movement. “For me the main point of it all is respect. People are too concerned with what other people do, like or whatever. While you don’t hurt anyone and don’t cross the lines that incomodarían to other people, you can do what you want and be whoever you want to be”, highlights Pabllo Vittar. And is that precisely that is the freedom that we yearn for as a society, look after our affairs and to accept to side —be understanding: “For me, it’s something very easy, but it seems that it is not for many people. Take care of your own affairs and forget about what other people do that doesn’t harm anyone.”

Your dumbbell with Calvin Klein was born a couple of years, but in 2020 became the protagonist of the new campaign #ProudInMyCalvins. Coinciding with the values of the american brand, Pabllo feels to be part of the family CK is having the freedom to be displayed as-is. “I relate to equality and as all are important in the process [creativo]. Be respected and to show that we are not the same [porque] the beauty is where to turn. You don’t have to fit into a pattern of anything,” said; but if you ask about personality and authenticity, Vittar the first to respond: “it Is difficult”, and continues, “but they must both have something that comes from your heart and soul. That is what makes a great personality and a unique person. Stop trying to fit in or be someone you’re not. Oh I know you and I know courageous!”.

*IMAGE: Courtesy Calvin Klein
María José Gonzálvez

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