Polemic in Forbes would have fractured the relationship between Kylie and Kris Jenner


Last Friday, Forbes published the article titled “Inside the web of lies Kylie Jenner and why it is not milmillonaria”, which ensures that the star of reality show “exaggerated the size and success of your business for years, and did tax returns that were likely to be counterfeit”.

A source assured the daily that Kris is in panic by the statements Forbestherefore, she receives 10 percent of the profits from the agreements signing Kylie.

It is said that Kris fears that Kylie dismissal or to reduce the profits you receive from your part. “The young entrepreneur does not know who to trust in these moments and his mother is not an option until now,” explains the middle.

According to the article, the team of Kylie and Kris Jenner would have falsified documents to make it appear that the celebrity obtained more income and appeared on its cover as the milmillonaria autocreada youngest in the world in 2019.

After the hoax, the publication decided to expose it and take away the title of the youngest woman to achieve the status of billionaire (milmillonaria in Spanish) in the united States.