Praying for the change Alexa Dellanos and think very deep



“I have been overwhelmed with sadness until the point that all I can do is pray. Praying for peace. Praying for justice. Praying for unity. PRAYING FOR CHANGE. This is a moment dark full of pain. I know that I will never know what it is to be persecuted for the color of my skin, but I will defend what is right. To remain silent is not an option. Until the lives of black matter, nothing else matters. We are all in this together”, indicated in the posted latest that received a large amount of likes. “You’re right”, “I Agree with every one of your words”, “you’re right”, were some of the comments left to the driver.

Monday also published a message very much felt on the hard landscape facing the world. “It is an option to defend those who are suffering and it is a choice to remain silent. I refuse to remain silent. Each human being is created in the image of God, therefore, we are all equal. That said, we MUST recognize that racism is alive because if we don’t we are lying to ourselves and to all the others. I love and need my brothers and sisters black with life. Enough is enough. Too many people have died and now depends on us to use our voices and be the change. Let us unite as one and move forward with LOVE”.


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