“Racism is alive”: Adele condemned the death of George Floyd on Instagram


The pain and the anger in the streets of the united States remains latent, after the death of George Floyd, a us citizen, 46 years. Dozens of demonstrators rallied in major cities to demand justice in his case. And the malaise spread to the celebrities. The singer Adele it was another of the famous who lifted up his voice in the social networks as a sign of rejection of these acts of racism, prevalent in this nation and the world.

So, the blonde of 32 years, he wrote the soulful message in the network of hearts: “The murder of George Floyd has sent shock waves around the world, there are many others that have not done so. Protests and marches are happening all over the world simultaneously and are only gaining momentum. So getting angry with righteousness, but stay focused! – Keep listening, keep asking and keep learning!”

In another fragment, the interpreter of “Hello” added a brief reflection on his pronouncement on the social networks: “it Is important not to discourage us, secuestramos or manipulemos at this time. Is racism systematic, it’s about police violence and about inequality. And this is not only of the united States! Racism is alive and well in all parts. I wholeheartedly sympathize with the struggle for freedom, liberation and justice ♥ ️#blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd #saytheirnames”.

Adele in defense of the african-american community

In the meantime, the publication of Adele joined more than 600 thousand “Likes” and more than 5 thousand comments of users in Instagram in only 5 hours. His legion of fans showed solidarity with the cause, leaving a couple of messages in support of the family of Floyd: “My respects and condolences to the family of Floyd”, “This has to stop now”, “we Ask justice, we are people who deserve respect.” These were part of the writings.

Adele also put your name in a long list of artists calling for justice as Rihanna, Beyoncé, Ricky Martin, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Luis Fonsi, Penelope Cruz and even Elton John. In addition, this Monday the president of the united States, Donald Trump decreed a curfew after the recent protests and looting that have been registered in the country because of the death of George Floyd.