Remember, the best messages in support of Halsey


Throughout his career, Halsey has created songs that have lyrics very deep. Some of their songs denounce injustice, misogyny and homophobia. The american singer uses their social networks to share their thoughts and also to defend other artists of some controversy.

Below, we will show you how the messages of support from Halsey.


1. Defense of Miley Cyrus

When it became known that Miley and Liam Hemsworth had split, a fan pointed out on Twitter that the couple split because of the bisexuality of Cyrus. Halsey noticed this comment and said: “I’m Not surprised that you’re saying this and your page will also be crying by Brie Larson. To stop fearing women who are not afraid to do what they please to them and not to others.”


2. Support Taylor Swift

Scooter Braun divided the music world into two when it bought the rights to the music of Taylor Swift. Halsey stood on the side of his colleague. “She deserves to be mistress of all the hard work of your heart. She has exceeded all expectations of what any artist is capable of doing. I stir the guts to think that no matter how much power or success can have a woman in your life because you will always be susceptible of that someone comes to make you feel less powerful,” he said.

3. Community support LGTBQ in the show of Victoria’s Secret

Last year, an executive of Victoria’s Secret said that it would not allow models transgender to walk in his fashion show. Halsey, who was the main artist of the event, told their fans to donate to the organization GLSEN in place to see the parade. “We express our solidarity and acceptance, complete and total is the only ‘fantasy’ that support,” he said.

4. Support to the gay community in ‘The Voice’

During his performance on ‘The Voice’, Halsey conveyed a message of empowerment to the community LGTBQ, acting sexy with a dancer. Some viewers expressed their outrage on social networks and she replied: “I Am proud to have bothered viewers are homophobic. Thank you for looking at me”.