Rihanna presents Fenty Beauty TikTok House


Rihanna has just given the best news to his fans and lovers of the platform TikTok. We tell you the details of this collaboration.

Rihanna presents Fenty Beauty TikTok House

March 12, 2020

In this globalized world of technology, products and services that are most famous in the world, combine with each other to create other products, services and opportunities more attractive than its previous version. This time, Rihanna and TikTok will have a baby called Fenty Beauty TikTok Housethat possesses all the beauty and technology of the world in a single place: a mansion.

Yes, we understand that it is too much to process, we will explain to you what is this novel idea that will surely have all the success in the world: The singer announced the opening of Fenty Beauty TikTok Housea space for the tiktokers beauty most famous video platform, generate content, live under the same roof and try all the products in the line Fenty Beauty, thus sharing their findings with their viewers. Something like a reality show ultra millennial. It million-dollar Idea!

In this way, as did King Midas, everything he touches Riri turns it into gold, this being again the pioneer in this class of shows, if we can call them as well. Surely behind this brilliant idea comes many of the same type, because in the end, what better advertising for Fenty Beauty that influencers of the time talk about free of your products?

The barbadense unveiled this news in a video in the account of TikTok of Fenty Beauty, announced the basis of the call for this collaboration. Being totally faithful to their style, inclusive and diverse, the first residents of this “experiment” are so different between them, as the products of its line of cosmetics.

Emmy Combs, Makayla Did, Savannah Palace and Chall Xn, are some of the tiktokers this initial stay in the mansion, space has locations that are perfectly lit for video recording, vanities, interior decoration girly and all the tools that a influencer need.

What a brilliant idea, because we want to see the first contents!

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