Salma Hayek appears on instagram with an owl on his head


If anything we are accustomed to, is that Salma Hayek surprise us with your natural beauty with the posts you share on instagram that the mexican actress is always published with a great sense of humor.

One of the commonplace images of Salma during this quarantine is that no-holds-barred show without a drop of makeup, which, according to statements of the actress is one of the things that they enjoy most.

Photo: Instagram @salmahayek

Another of my favorite things about Salma is spending time with his family and in the company of several pets which make up for several dogs and a member very special.

For the actress it is very important to help all creatures in need, thanks to this and that your residence has huge areas of green managed to rescue several animals and make them a part of your family.

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This time loved it to your public to share an image very nice with a companion very unique and feathered.

Photo: Instagram @salmahayek

This is a screech-owl with gray feathers and huge eyes with which she posed for the photograph. In it we see the little animal lying on its head as if it were their natural habitat, while Salma poses in carefree and quiet with a very natural look.

Previously had already shared some videos with the beautiful owl as a protagonist. Just the 10 of last may shared a beautiful floral arrangement in which the cute owl hovered among the flowers, and lucia, its huge honey-colored eyes.

Although the criticism did not wait, we must remember that above Salma revealed that it was a bird that they had rescued and was rehabilitating, so you most likely can return to their natural habitat in the future.

This image of Salma with an owl on the head is so unusual as linda and despite any comments she will never stop to support animals whenever you can.