Salma Hayek shared a photo where wears it with pride to your look with gray hair


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As many people are in quarantine due to the COVID-19, the social networks were transformed into the escape and the perfect tool to pass the time.

Even the Hollywood stars had to suspend their films, attendance at gala events, and personal projects to take care of your health and the health of their families.

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One of the actresses that stopped his agenda (but is very active on Instagram) is nothing less than Salma Hayek.

With their integration into the Marvel Universe and his recent foray into Partners in Warthe mexican took to their social networks to talk about your routine at home, your family, and your changes look.

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Within the theme of the cuts, dyes and hair styles, the interpreter of Frida Kahlo showed with great pride the current state of your mane.

In a photograph, the charismatic woman, 53 years of age, showed that its beauty evolves like good wine: your gray hair acted as a new “crown:”

Feel proud of your roots

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With this phrase, the mexican refers to never be ashamed of the age, origin, or any other individual aspect: the self-love is the key. When security reigns supreme, a look radiant is inevitable.


Without any problem, also a model made clear that the grey hairs are not to be construed as a negative symbol: on the contrary, show them off is one more option.

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