Shakira has a “new illusion”, know it | THE UNIVERSAL


There are many fans who wonder what it is about the “new illusion” by Shakira, to which she referred in their social networks.

And is that the barranquilla clarified in the message that accompanies the publication of Instagram, that after the illusion that you have needed time to be 100% focused, so that many of his followers resembled the relationship with her partner, Gerard Pique, but the eye, that has nothing to do with your husband and the father of their children.

But… what is it that the artist brings in hands? Well, nothing more and nothing less than his new recording project. The same Shakira confirmed after the insistence of their fans who will be claiming their new music, to which she replied “I’m on it”. (It may interest you: Shakira and Karol G, together at the end of the famous reality).

After three years without bring out a new album, Shakira would be delighted the public, as usual, with his unreleased songs.

It should be recalled that some months ago, Shakira commented that in his projects he was always making new music: “I’m using each reference or item receipt as a source of inspiration. Yesterday I finished a new song that has me excited. So we’ll see what happens, I just want to keep making music and share it with all of you,” noted in his time.

With this good news, the colombian has shown that the only thing that can out of Pique (for a certain time) is music your first love.