Shawn Mendes gets to beat your record for 5 years after | Music


Post videos on Vine to act before thousands of people. So it has been, very summarized, the musical career of Shawn Mendes in the last five years of life. A time that the soloist canadian has not been wasted and that has led him to beat his own personal record.

In this period, the interpreter has not stopped to learn, to work, to surround himself with the best and collaborate with artists of all types and in any condition up to that in this 2019 has exploited his popularity thanks to Miss along with Camila’s Hair.

An explosive duet that is presented in direct conjunction with some of the best songs of their recordings (Handwritten, Illuminate and Shawn Mendes). In one of his last shows, held at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Shawn Mendes broke its historical record of attendance.

Nothing better than your own countrymen to enter your own personal history. And is that this show is sold nearly 51,000 villages (50.772 to be exact), which translated into revenues of almost us $ 3.5 million for the soloist.

The figures that he is leaving Shawn Mendes live are absolutely spectacular both in their american tour as well as in Canada. On the floor of the US tour has already reported nearly $ 50 million and canadian territory accumulates as close to 20 million for a total of almost 70 that duplicates what was achieved in your previous Illuminate World Tour 2017.

If we add to this that the musician still has concerts pending in Asia, Australia and South america, their numbers can get out of the chart for an artist that ‘only’ takes five years of career.