Singer Halsey suffers by rubber bullets in protest of George Floyd


Halsey it was one of the many participants in the protests this weekend have taken place at all United States by the death of George Floyd. And, like so many others, the singer was found in the line of fire while she cried out for justice and against racism.

The artist estadoundiense shared in your Instagram a series of photographs of the demonstrations in Los Angeles to demonstrate that they were being peaceful.

“We kept peaceful without moving, and without breaking the line. They they opened fire with rubber bullets and tear gas several times against citizens who do not have caused”, he wrote in the first two pictures, which they showed to the police.

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And he added: “The majority, I simply ask that you have empathy. To reconsider. Consider humanity, history and the future of our nations. Opened fire several times. I achieved two times: a by rubber bullets and once by shrapnel. We were tear gassed repeatedly for hours.”

Halsey clarified in another message on Twitter that he had not been arrested by the police and that he was safe and sound, although many others had not met the same fate.

“The police we fired rubber bullets. Do not break the line. We had hands raised. And launched gas and shot”, published Halsey with photos of the altercation.

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“Don’t minimize these rubber bullets because they have said that they are not lethal. I had to bandage up a man that it seemed that his entire face had exploded today. Then, before you say from the comfort of your home, that we are exaggerating, consider the injuries that some have experienced,” he wrote in another message on Twitter.