The famous who paid the bail of the detainees for the protests in the united States | DiarioShow


In the midst of the pandemic coronavirus the murder of George Floyd in the hands of the police shocked the world and in the united States sparked a series of protests against racism. To support the cause, celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and Harry Styles they paid the bail to release detained during the demonstrations.

The death of the african american in the city of Minneapolis for part of an effective police, and the viralización of the video that reproduces the violence with which he was approached by the officer was one of the most challenged in the last few hours.

The discharge of Harry Styles in their networks.

The discharge of Harry Styles in their networks.

U.s. activists denounced the event as an act of abuse of power and discrimination to the black community in the country. To show their discontent and to demand justice gave rise to several protests in different localities.

One of the last postings of Katy Perry in favor of the demonstrations

One of the last postings of Katy Perry in favour of the cause.

In the midst of the demonstrations, the security forces arrested several people and, in an act of solidarity, celebrities, joined their economic contributions to the cause. Among those who worked to ensure the freedom of the delayed is also Halsey.

While Beyoncé, Oprah, Billie Eilish, Madonnaamong other celebrities voiced their support via the networks to the current anti-racist.