the immersive experience of Britney Spears in California


Britney Spearsas princess of pop, has created a whole fantasy world around their music and their videos. Worlds that lead you to extravagant scenarios in the space, the aisles memorable of a school american, the drama within an office or even to the oddities of a circus.

The dream of every fan of this outgoing singer try a bit of that life full of luxuries; and now with the immersive experience “The Zone”, belong to the world of Britney Spears it is a reality, even though it is only for a while.

experiencia-astronauta.jpg(Photo: The Zone)

“The Zone”, for a limited time, offers fans of Britney Spearsa space to celebrate the career of the princess of pop, as well as a tribute his contribution to pop culture.

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“The Zone” with 10 interactive rooms inspired by moments and legendary within of the race of the princess of popas a room dedicated to video “Oops!…I did it again”, another, of “Toxic” where you’ll be able to glide in the air on a commercial airline or go through a stormy tropical jungle with a python around your shoulders.

experiencia-casilleros.jpg (Photo: The Zone)

The experience lasts approximately between 60 to 90 minutes, is available on the city of Los Angeles in California; for now there are no signs of this coming soon in our country.

So if you’re visiting is the city Los Angeles during the 31 January to 26 April of 2020, don’t miss to “The Zone” to live a unique experience.

Where: The Zone
6310 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles , CA 90046
When: January 31 to April 26, 2019
Price: general Admission $1,156.27 mexican pesos (changed today)