The infidelity of Shakira. Filtering. “Pique is placed first with her”


June 01, 2020
(15:13 CET)

Officially, the relationship between Shakira and Gerard Pique started in 2011. However, according to slid the player FC Barcelona in an interview in TV3is this year when they met 10 years from the footballer and Shakira started their romantic relationship. That is to say, would have begun in 2011.

Why this dance dates? Very simple. In 2010 Shakira it was still with Antonio de la Rúa. It was that year when they decided to take a time with the lawyer. And on the paper, after having been given that time, is when you would have started out with Pique. That is to say, all right.

Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa

Because otherwise, it would have confirmed the rumors that the Barranquilla he had put the horns to Of the Rúa. Or at least that would not have respected this “time” that had been given with the argentine.

Pique gets the leg

Some rumors that yes they fit with the version that explained Pique in the aforementioned interview. The Catalan admitted that before the World cup in south Africa already he was writing with the artist.

Pique also did

But eye, because as pointed out in the networks, Pique also would have cheated on his ex-partner, Núria Tomás. “You put them first with her,” he commented on the networks, recalling the origin of the enmity that kept Shakira and Antonella Roccuzzo, wife of Leo Messi.

In this sense, it is said that the Rosario would not endure to Shakira because it was a very close friend of Núria Tomás, and would consider that the Catalan and Pique broke at the root of the colombian meddled between them.