The list that Anonymous leaked celebrity linked with Epstein and his network of abuse


Names of celebrities of politics, actors and musicians were filtered.

Last Sunday we woke up with a name that resurfaced after a long time: Jeffrey Epsteinthe entrepreneur is accused of managing a network of sex trafficking of minors and all that Anonymous revealed files and new information about the network of child trafficking to the employer, in addition to revealed the name of some celebrities involved.

The group of hackers, leaked in addition, an agenda known as the ‘blackbook’ of Epstein, which contains in its pages the names of people who would be involved in the network of trafficking of children.

In the list include names from the world of politics, as well as famous actors, directors and musicians, among them: Woody Allen, Naomi Campbell, Mick Jaggerprince Andrew of England, who had a great friendly relationship with Epstein, Tony Blair, the former british prime minister, Bill Clinton former president of the united States, Andrew Cuomo governor of New York, Ivanka Trump, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey, Elizabeth Hurley, Alec Baldwin, Stephen Hawking, Courtney Love the son of queen Elizabeth II, Andrew of York, the CEO of victoria’s Secret, Les Wexner, the brother of princess Diana, Charles Althorp; the former miss Sweden, Eva Andersson-Dubin, Phil Collinsthe comedian Bill Cosby, the model Janice Dickinson, actress Minnie Driver and Donald Trump who in addition, is accused of being responsible for the murder of Jeffrey Epstein.

On twitter began to circulate the information, “he Molested children and had been investigated since 2005 by the police of Palm Beach, in the state of Florida. The first complaint came lodged by the father of a teenager of 14 years old, which accused Epstein of temptation and exercise of prostitution”,

Jeffrey Epstein he was owner of an island in the Caribbean called “Little St James’s”, in which he committed sex crimes: “There he built a large mansion, with a heliport and even a shopping centre. Well, it is said that this island became a paradise of perversions where they were brought many abuses to minors. A strong impregnable where he could have committed atrocities”.

“Such was the impudence, that it is said, that the plane is transported to reach the island received had the name “Lolita Express”, where he carried to the various personalities”, it reads in the thread.

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