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The series starring Will Smith does not have when to pass out of fashion and its re-entry to Netflix what it demonstrates.

If all your chapters are very popular among the viewers, there is one in particular that is being discussed in social networks, where Will and his cousin Carlton talk about racism on the part of the police.

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If we look at the sixth episode of the first season of The prince of the rap Carlton and Will they are arrested for “stealing a car”, when in fact they led with the permission of the owner, a partner of the law firm of uncle Phil.

After being arrested and placed in a cell. Will he gives his cousin a lesson on the racism that still exists in the united States, because they were taken to the police station without any guilt.

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“What stopped us to go slow? I know a better law: ‘If you see a black man driving a car that is not junk better stop it, because it sure stole it. I thought that’s why we had been arrested, Carlton”, responds to Will Smith.

THE prince of rap – Credit: Netflix

Before this, Carlton attempts to justify the action of the police stating that “they were only doing their job and only stopped for a few hours”. About this Will respond:

“I hope that you will like the system, because you’ll have to suffer for the rest of your life. Nothing will save you, they see only one thing, your skin color“, he added.

Will Smith in one of the scenes most remembered of the show – Credit: Netflix

The prince of rap – Credit: Netflix

Will Smith reveals why the protagonist of the prince of The rap took its name

A few days ago, the actor was meeting with the cast of The prince of rap in your program “Will From Home”, which is transmitted through your account of Snapchat. Among the things we talked, it came to light the mystery behind the name of your character in the iconic series.

In chat, Alfonso Ribeirowho gave life to Carlton Banks, invited Smith to explain why your character has that name compared to the rest of the cast. “I remember that at that time we talked and you told me: ‘Look, if you’re ever going to do this show, you have to be known as Will Smith. This is going to be big, so that the people will have to call for the rest of your life,” recalled the actor.

How many seasons has The prince of rap?

The popular american series consists of six seasons, amassing a total of 148 episodes. The comedy show was aired on NBC in 1990.

Who sings the song of prince of Bel Air in Spanish?

The theme of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” sings it’s own Will Smith.

What is it about, the prince of The rap?

Will Smith acts more or less as he is in real life, in this comedy satirical uncomplicated NBC. The mother dummy Will send it away from the neighborhood’s hectic Philadelphia, where he lived, to the house of his uncle Phil and aunt Live in Bel-Air. Will amuses himself frequently at the expense of their cousins acartonados Carlton and Hilary.