The shocking day of revelations Anonymous: Paul Walker, Avicii, Lady Di and Chris Cornell were killed


Anonymous seems to be unleashed. After threatening the police officers of the united States and to the political elites and the culture of the country to the north to reveal their “secrets” after the murder of George Floyd, the hacker group seems to begin to fulfill their threats.

In the morning hacking the page of police of Minneapolis, and also the radio of police of the city where he was assassinated Floyd, then gave a list of personalities linked to a network of child abuse that led the multitudinous Jeffrey Epstein, prominent among which is no less than Donald Trump, Naomi Campbell, Mick Jagger and Will Smith, among others.

Later it was the turn of the Vatican. Anonymous hacked the site of the headquarters of the Catholic Church and reported more than 6,000 cases of child abuse.

And now goes for the celebrities killed in accidents and suicides, ensuring that they were murdered.

It is the case of Paul Walker, the famous DJ Avicii, Lady Di and Chris Cornell. According to the group of hacker, they would have been eliminated by having information or to have participated in parties organized by Epstein, where he managed a network of abuse of children.

These figures had been “silenced” for expressing their desires to make this pedophile ring that revolved around the groups of power, mainly, americans.