The star of Marvel, Chris Evans, made a call to action for the american people


It is No wonder that Chris Evans has been quite critical of the mandate of Donald Trump. Even before the pandemic COVID-19 burst on the scene, has always pointed towards his presidency and his controversial way of speaking to the american people. So now that thousands of people have rallied in numerous cities following the death of George Floydthe former Captain America was silent.

During the last hours, the rage unleashed by the crime of the citizen in the hands of a police officer caucasian, spread quickly throughout the country and even some cities abroad. In London, hundreds of people marched to the cry of “No justice, no peace”, one of the slogans of the concentrations. In Montreal at least a dozen of thousands marched peacefully in the center of the city.

The sixth day of protests, ended with Donald Trump taking refuge in his bunker, switching off the lights of the white house. Chris Evans he had already expressed some bewilderment just a few days ago: “I keep saying to myself “my god, my God, what is happening?”. But in truth, I’m not surprised. At all. If you’re shocked, you haven’t been paying attention,” wrote the actor via Twitter.

But now has made a call of action to his legion of followers to “Go more than just a conversation”, laughingly sharing the official site of Black Lives Matter and its various forms of collaboration. He later returned to enforce their claim to the retweeted a video posted by actress Anna Kendrick, who was recording the violent police repression. “Help with what you can. I signed and donated. If you have the means, I hope you are too:”.

In the official site of the movement there are various ways to collaborate with the cause. Since the signing of petitions a number, to donate money to the victims, the protesters detained, or the small traders of color who have been affected in the cross-fire of the protests. There is also a section for lost people and a map of protests updated.