The statement of Anonymous: the death of Paul Walker was no accident


Still coming out to the light thanks to Anonymous.

At the end of last week, it came a pump that has revealed a lot of information is highly controversial, strong and delicate, which has resulted in that many things come to light, thanks to the hacker group international Anonymous in which a number of celebrities have been muddy.

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In addition to filtering documents of the very important people in politics, Anonymous also revealed important information of the death of a number of celebrities, including Paul Walker.

According to the information emerged in a report Anonymous, the former protagonist of Fast and Furious, who died the 30 of November 2013 after a car accident in Santa Clarita, California; in reality he was killed because he was involved in the newly discovered network of pedophilia in the united States.

According to the information that came to light this weekend, Paul Walker, it is one of the many stars involved in the network of abuse of minors. For Walker, who had several foundations help, he received information of the network, and traffic children of the united States, by what that they sought to silence him, causing the accident.

Also revived a theory that had several individuals on the Swedish DJ Avicii, claiming that he was also a victim, since his death in 2018 due to a drug overdose was very suspicious as they emerged after having released a video clip in which he spoke of cases of pedophilia in the music industry, according to Anonymous.

Will surely follow emerging information and there will be to be aware of what you reveal and to see how many more will you get out your wipes in the sun.

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