The tortured life of Angelina Jolie, 20 years of “Innocence interrupted”


22 December, 2019 11:02

The actress Angelina Jolie, who was already famous pro to be the daughter of Jon Voight, changed its image with the release of the blockbuster movie.

The tortured life of Angelina Jolie, 20 years of “Innocence interrupted”

Angelina Jolie it is one of the actresses of Hollywwod’s most famous and controversial. winner of an Oscar, the ex-wife of Brad Pitt had (and has) an intense life and full of problems that has been able to overcome. Even though I had already made her debut as an actress and was known for being the daughter of a great actor such as Jon Voight, the brunette rose to fame with the film “Innocence interrupted”. But then he would keep his popularity with his numerous eccentricities that gave issue to the press.

His childhood was very difficult because his father had abandoned the household, and her mother couldn’t look at her face because it reminded him of the unfaithful husband. At the age of 13, went to a funeral home to learn how to embalm, and hurt herself. “I did not like that to me nobody came, it was not able to feel anything, couldn’t sleep. So to make cuts with knives and feel the pain it was my only way of feeling alive. It was therapeutic”, told.

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Still a teenager, he began to plan his suicide, and asked him barbiturates to his mother. But upon reflection, he thought of the guilt that your family would feel if out of my life, and decided to hire a hitman. He asked what I thought best, and Angelina Jolie cambió of the idea, taking refuge in the movies. “Suddenly people began to understand me, I thought that my life had no sense, but I realized that I was not alone”, he confessed.

The beautiful interpreter of Lara Croft didn’t feel beautiful girl, but mature took advantage of its appearance exotic and got papers as it’s sexy “Hackers”, the criminal supersexy of “Playing with death” or the wife nympho of an air traffic controller in “Out of control”. He won his first Balloon Oroen 1998 for the television film George Wallace, and another the following year for Gia, the biopic of the model bisexual drug addict Gia Carangi.

Already at that time Angelina Jolie she was loved by the press, that he always had something new to tell: there was no talk with his father, he confessed openly his bisexuality, (he even admitted his relationship with Jenny Shimizu, her co-worker in the Young men misunderstood, while she was married to Johnny Lee Miller), and he loved to talk about his collection of knives, not already used to hurting herself but for jugueteos sex. He admitted to dreaming of murdering his father but that he preferred a fork. Many of their fans, heterosexual, confessed to feel attracted by her, and the actress celebrating: “Do well, because I’m the movie star, they have more possibilities to lie down’.

Innocence interrupted

In regards to the film that marked a before and an after in your career, girl interrupted, Winona Ryder had been trying to regain its dominant place in the industry. But Angelina Jolie he stole the movie an interpretation magnificent. When he went to receive the Oscar, gave him a kiss disturbingly long to his brother James, and declared to him their love from the stage.

Billy Bob Thornton

The next scandal was his relationship with actor Billy Bob Thornton, who, being paired with Laura Dern, was married in Las Vegas with Angelina. They met in an elevator, he invited her to accompany him to his dressing room, and she broke down from the tremendous sexual excitement that caused him, in spite of considering it as a rudeness. She, who was also in bride with Timothy Hutton, is tattooed with his name in the groin area even before you start out. Had a rat for a pet, and an electric chair in the middle of the living room. He painted pictures with his blood or that of his wife.

Lara Croft

Then came the adaptation of the video game Tomb Raider, which swept the box office, but that he put in the place of sex symbol, with aggressive comments from the press. “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider starring the lips and the breasts of Angelina Jolie and, in a role much smaller, the own Angelina Jolie”, wrote the Washington Post.

“Tomb Raider sells a product. Or better said, products: the lips Angelina Jolie, her thighs dressed with two pistols dominatrix, her hips. And of course, his co-stars: Left Chest and Right Chest”, published by Cleveland Plain Dealer. No longer looked up to her as an actress, but only by its beauty.


Angelina adopted her first child while still married to Throntorn, but when the marriage was already in decline. “My life belongs to him,” he said, speaking of the little cambodian. ” Now that I’m a mother because I can’t afford to take refuge in that place of self-destruction, addictions or madness which before was every time something went wrong. So I stopped doing it. When my world falls apart or I feel depressed, I wake up and I smile for him don’t worry.” That was the beginning of a new stage in his life where he began to worry about others.

The tortured life of Angelina Jolie, 20 years of “Innocence interrupted”

And had adopted more children, and is goodwill ambassador of the UN, and visited the places in the world most affected by poverty and war. Next to Brad Pitt created a humanitarian foundation that helps children most vulnerable. After beating the cancer, and divorce, takes a lifetime pick-along to his family.

Source: Vanity Fair

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