The video that Shakira tried to eliminate paying out to the light: it’s Eye to this!


June 02, 2020
(15:07 CET)

Shakira it is currently one of the most well known artists in all corners of the planet. There are few places and people that have not heard his name or any of his subjects on occasion. The couple of Gerard Pique it is a celebrity international.

It shows, for example, the recognition that it has had at the global level. The awards that the celebrity it has taken the of Barranquilla throughout his career corroborate your success. In total, Shakira accumulates 400, among which are 17 Awards Grammy Latino and 3 Grammy Awardsin addition to having been nominated in more than 600 times for other awards.

Shakira | EFE

Hard work

But the Barranquilla has not got to where it is by the art of magic. Although one of their albums is titled as well. No.

Shakira pica stone

The singer’s south american is one of those artists that no one has gotten anything. That is what he’s had to work since very young. Because Shakira because she believed in herself when she was only a girl and very few gave something for his talent.

So much so that there were many casting calls, contests, and television programs in which he participated to win impact. Until tested in the world of interpretation. He worked on the series Oasis, a soap opera which aired on colombian television.

The video of Shakira at the age of 11

Although of it all, still leaving you with the mouth open to its fans is the document of one of their first performances. A video that circulates on the networks and that, as he did with Oasis, tried to buy the rights for the broadcast of the program so that the producers could not make use anymore of it. With Oasis I got it, but not with this. Attention.