This is going in serious!!! Miley Cyrus started a whole movement, and even changed his profile on Instagram


As many know, the famous singer and actress Miley Cyrus, is one of the stars who has remained faithful to their various ideals. It is for this reason that it is recognized by devote quality time to various humanitarian causes and activism for the rights of LGBT people. After the various protests in the united States for the death of George Floyd; the young man could not ignore the injustice of their country.

Despite the fact that many are the celebrities that have spoken out in disagreement with the action of the Minneapolis police. Without a doubt these are the types of cases that defends the girlfriend of Cody Simpsons. To start a whole campaign of mass information, Cyrus used his official account of Instagram to publish various photographs. There is order to ask for justice for the african american man who was shot by the police officer Derek Chauvin.

Miley Cyrus put aside the physical part

It should be noted that Miley Cyrus it has about 109 millions of followers and for this their publications delayed in reaching large numbers of interactions. Taking an average of 2 million “like” and approximately 100 thousand comments in each of the publications. Where his fans and followers were commissioned to strengthen its commitment to the cusa and they made sure to accompany the celebrity to the cause.

Like many of you, I am angry, outraged and heartbroken by the injustice in our country that has been going on for a long time, centuries, and generations“ wrote the actress alongside the snapshot full of discomfort and pain for what happened. It was in this same message, in where the interpreter of Hannah Montana; in the tv series of Disney, decided to share the number of the office of the Governor, with the objective that each one of his followers asked for justice.

His commitment has been such that he decided to leave aside the appearances and completely changed his profile of Instagram. The picture of avatar or profile, only ask for justice for the Floyd, and his biography has the labels that have marked the slogan of all americans outraged “Justice for George Floyd” and “Black lives matter”, this is the message that can be read in your new profile picture.