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Since they have left behind Ukmuch has been made of the security of the dukes of Sussex. From that moment on, both the prince Harry as Meghan Markle it was clear that to ensure their protection and that of your child Archie it was one of their priorities, whether in Canadafirst, or in United Statessubsequently. The couple has not hesitated in putting all the eggs in one basket when it comes to this issue and, after bunkerizar your house Los Angeles, now have not had qualms in resorting to a private company to finish to ensure your new life.

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Few days ago we learned that the grandson of the queen Elizabeth II of England and his wife had hired a few workers to install a fence opaque in order to maintain your residence away from prying eyes and curious. It is worth remembering that the mansion of Harry and Meghan are located on the top of a hill and pedestrians walking in the area can catch a glimpse of away some points of the interior of the housing. This decision was not sufficient, given that in that week you witnessed how several drones were flying over the ground of your home.

The dukes of Sussex contacted then with the police, given that they did not know if it was somebody that I wanted to photograph them to them and to their child, or a terrorist attack. But not content with this, took another drastic resolution: to go to a private company to protect them. So, have hired the same company that is responsible for the security of numerous celebrities. And how much do they cost the son of prince Charles and his wife in this game? More than 6,000 euros per day, as slides in a source to The Mirror.

New data on the expenditure on security of the dukes of Sussex

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According to one of these team members, Gavin de Becker -former chief of security, by the way, the ex-president Ronald Reagan– your company is responsible for protecting more than 90 of the most famous families around the world. Among them might be included the of Jeff Bezos, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna, Cher, and Barbra Streisand. At 65, this bodyguard was in charge of assigning the people that are going to become the shadow of the dukes of Sussex, and of your small. The work of this team consists, on the one hand, in performing guards in the exclusive house of marriage and, on the other, to deter potential intruders armed by the presence of handles.

It is the company’s largest safety of The Angels and also the most respected. And Harry and Meghan have full confidence in the firm Of Becker. They are not cheap, but if you want the best you have to pay for it,” continues the aforementioned source, that impinges on that Of Becker is a friend of Oprah Winfrey. The presenter is, interestingly, a man who could have mediated for the dukes of Sussex contact Tyler Perrythe actor, comedian, filmmaker, producer, writer and composer owner of the dwelling in which you are residing in the couple.