To what Kylie Jenner, Pampita challenged their children with a test of obedience


Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain in the middle of the quarantine became a challenge viral with their children. Bautista, Beltran and Benicio did an amazing test of patience and self-control that surprised in the social networks.

“At home we also did the challenge do You what brother you identificás?“he wrote the top Instagram. The game consists of placing a treat in front of a child and warn you that you can only eat it when you are the adult and leave it alone. Some weeks ago, Kylie Jenner was the pioneer with his daughter Stormi.

The story began when the model met his three children and put together three bowls with chocolate candy. “The answer is always well you eat a treat, but they can’t eat anything, we’re going to go to ask questions, to not eat anything until you return because it is the prize”warned.

What was the reaction of the small? The boys waited obediently for several seconds and the minute and a half of the video the older grabbed a chocolate. “No! Ate one,” said Beltran worried. Baptist, asked him not to shout for her mom not to find out about. Outraged, Benicio stood up to go to advise what had happened and the brother the biggest thing that’s slowed down with the threat that she wasn’t going to pay more your computer.

Near the end, Bauti “Pump” gave account that they were to be the protagonists of a hidden camera: “it Is annoying it is for us to stay here aguantándonos that there are some chocolates in the front, it is obvious”.

Check out the challenge completely.

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