Victoria Beckham pocketed more than a million dollars with the meeting of the Spice Girls



Although in 2012 he had no choice but to go on stage to act along with the rest of the Spice Girls at the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games, Victoria Beckham has grown tired of repeating in the last few years that their stage of pop star has been definitively left behind and that all their efforts are focused now in his trademark fashion.

No one was surprised that the designer did not join the meeting, her old companions, organized the past summer or that does not appear by any of their concerts, and, much as some of the components of the band -especially Mel B – have been hell-bent on stoking the hopes of fans by insinuating that she could appear by surprise in any of his performances.

Finally it did, but that does not mean that you will not to pocket a juicy figure, thanks to the brief tour of the group. As reveals now The Sun, Victory has pocketed more than a million dollars thanks to the merchandising, sponsorship and licensing agreements related to the 13 concerts that offered the Spice Girls, and all without having to participate in any of them.

As part of the signature Spice Girls Limited, which only belong to your sisters and she in the capacity of directors, Victoria has the right to a fifth of the total revenues.

The great irony is that the ‘spicy chicks’ have become your main source of income these last twelve months, behind their own company, through which it was paid ‘only’ 870.000 dollars last year.

However, Victoria remains to be interested in singing again. The unique initiatives of the group in which involved have to do with activism to bring to a new generation the message of ‘girl power’ or ‘feminine power’ that they preached in his day.