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I want to write a headline “Britney Spears turns”, but has not yet arrived for the day and I’m very much afraid that it will take to get there. We know where the Princess of Pop and is not in the recording studio or preparing his return to Las Vegas.

It is good to remember that Brit was scheduled to start their second residency in Sin City in February of 2019. However, the illness of his father compelled her to make a break in career and to postpone indefinitely the projects in which I was working.

Several months later, the singer of Toxic entering a clinic to treat all the anxiety that produced the state of health of his father. “Britney is going through a new “dark stage”, I thought. “But this time you have to your side as well (rro) of Sam Asghari”, I thought after.

Since then, I’ve followed the adventures and misadventures of Britney Spears through her Instagram, always with the hope of finding some clue of what will be his latest ‘comeback’, a return to all his followers ask as water may.

But it is not. The artist is not working in Dominationhis second residency concert. It has also gotten into the recording studio to cook this long awaited successor of Glory. Even it seems that is going to launch soon his collaboration with Pitbull and Marc Anthony. Instead of going back to work, Britney is engaged to pose in the elevator as if out Chicago:

To practice a type of yoga that for her is the equivalent of a nice afternoon of shopping:

Lost in the wasteland with a teddy in tow:

Eating watermelon with salt:

Empollarse the life of Mary Magdalene:

Or be seen in the premiere of Once upon a time in Hollywood:

That there are no misunderstandings, I love that Britney Spears look for ways to distract and heal from everything that torments him. But until when? When we will hear that “It’s Britney, Bitch”? When do you get to work? ¡When?! You must return to the pit for her, for us, but especially by her boyfriend, the poor will be a bit fed up of burning it by-passes model that you are not going anywhere. Example:

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