What Demi Lovato is ready to return to music?!


Many believe that the singer will take up the scenarios very soon.

Although Demi Lovato has remained pretty active during the 2019, the star of 27 years has not released new music in a year and a half.

His last song was Daze, premiered in June of 2018, a month before suffering an overdose almost deadly.

However, this week, the interpreter of Sorry Not Sorry seemed to offer clues of what is to come, and many interpreted its messages as a warning of new musical premieres.

Watch the video and know all the details!

During the past few months, Demi has been focusing on his sobriety, and recently proved that it also has dedicated time to love.

Last November 13, Lovato revealed that it has a new boyfriend named Austin Wilson, a sexy model from Los Angeles, whom he met through his circle of friends.

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