What is the ‘Pizzagate’ and how did the conspiracy theory about pedophilia?


In full world crisis by the coronavirus, emerged another great event that has shocked the entire world. This is the return of the hacker group known as Anonymous, who revealed information which has generated a lot of controversy.

In addition, Anonymous released a black list in which the names of many famous people stand out. And although in this publication celebrities such as Paul Walker, Avicii, and Curt Cobain are not, in social networks have been linked.

What has that to do Paul, Avicii and Kurt with Anonymous?

Through Twitter have started a series of theories about the death of Paul Walker, Avicii, and Kurt Cobain, and people have attributed that information to the famous hackers.

Also, they have said that the death of the three men was not accidental, but on purpose, because they each — in a different time— knew about the newly pedophilia network in the united States.

About Paul Walker it has been said that in reality he was killed because he was involved in the pedophile ring, but not the way as some celebrities have been identified.

Rather, the actor of “Fast and Furious” would have received information of that network and on the traffic in children exercise famous people in the united States, so they ended up causing the accident in order to shut him up.

Regarding Swedish DJ Avicii would have also been a victim of this network, since it is said that before dying released a video clip in which he spoke of cases of pedophilia in the music industry.

And perhaps that could have been the case with the singer and musician Kurt Cobain, who after learning of such a network had to be killed, even some theories assert that their own wife, Courtney Love, would have been the one who did it.

Netizens put as evidence a video in which the “king of grunge” speaks of an island and people waiting to be raped.