Who is Axel Llunas, the other grandson of Dyango addition to the series of Luis Miguel


After an astounding success, the recordings of the second season of Luis Miguel, the series will be launched at the end of February. However, the pandemic of coronavirus halted all production, and fans are speculating on when to return to see the “sun King”, played by Diego Boneta. If you can confirm it is one of the new additions to the cast: Axel Llunas (11).

The surname of the guy is familiar to the followers of this fiction. Axel, is the brother of Izán Llunas (15), who was placed on the skin of the protagonist to recreate his childhood.

Axel construed to Sergio Gallego Basteri, the younger brother of Luis Miguel. The grandson of Dyango, who has over fifteen thousand followers on Instagram and with experience as a model for two campaigns clothing, had to change his look. Cut him and darkened the hair.

In addition to acting, the small will have to sing as did his brother. Axel Llunas published on its Youtube channel its first cover of Hallelujah, song of Reik and Manuel Turizo. In that video, with more than 25 thousand reproductions and garnered thousands of comments, as you can see it with another color of hair.

The family is the whole board going through the quarantine in Puebla, Mexico. Before the production contract to Axel, the Llunas lived divided. Axel and his mother, Ada, were installed in Spain, and Izán and his dad, Mark in Mexico. Now the four are sharing the quarantine the family until they can return to the recording set.

“About the series, I can not say anything, it is a secret, and so what we have signed. But this second part will be a big surprise,” said the father of the boys. Since Netflix is still not confirmed if Izán will continue its participation in some of the scenes of the second season of the series.

The fans believed that the second season was going to be available in may, but that was not possible. While it is unknown when it will premiere, the series continues with a launch date to 2020. Will he at least be available for the 30 of December?

In the new episodes will show the time that “The Sun of Mexico” comes to its greatest popularity and the conflicts he went through in his last years of career. Sand expected to know details of her romances with famous such as Daisy Fuentes and Mariah Carey.

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