A picture unpublished of Ricky Martin next to Shakira who has more than 20 years, returns to cause anger


Ricky Martin and Shakira are two stars of the music industry. His songs are heard in different parts of the world and come to the first positions of the lists.

A user posted a while ago a picture unpublished of Ricky Martin and Shakira together, which was taken over 20 years ago. We can see the colombian singer with your black hair and the puerto rican with his characteristic look of those years, with the long hair. The followers of both artists were surprised with the image and shared it on their accounts with a lot of emotion.

Last week, Ricky Martin released an EP called Pausewith six songs, which includes great collaborations with Sting, Bad Bunny, Resident, Diego El Cigala, Pedró Hood and Carla Morrison.

“The first call that I made was with Sting, he also was very anxious. So I said, ‘I know that we are in this madness. I already said that it’s a little hard to get into the study, but it’s been 15 days and I am calling as part of my healing, something good has to come out of this,” said the singer.

“I said ‘mandame song’. So I sent it and he agreed with some changes. So I worked with my computer and I went back to send. And then he said ‘perfect, now sumale melody and I wrote the letter because I want to sing in English,'”, ageg√≥ Ricky on the involvement of the exintegrante of The Police.