Adele raises her voice against the murder of George Floyd | Municipalities of Puebla


Puebla, Pue.- The british singer Adele joined the great figures of the entertainment industry that raised the voice with the purpose of eradicating racism and protest in their own way, with the murder of the young american to George Floyd.

Good trip, Paulina Rubio gives positive to cannabis consumptionMauricio Martinez received criticism for his stance on racism“The murder of George Floyd has sent waves of shock throughout the world, there are many others that have not done so. Protests and marches are happening all over the world simultaneously and are only gaining momentum. So getting angry with righteousness, but stay focused! – Keep listening, keep asking and keep learning!”, said.

“It is important not to discourage us, nor manipulemos at this time. Is racism systematic, it’s about police violence and about inequality. And this is not only of the united States! Racism is alive and well in all parties. I wholeheartedly sympathize with the struggle for freedom, liberation, and justice”, added the interpreter Rolling in the Deep in a story of your account of Instagram.

The publication was well received among comments by his followers; nearly managed to reach one million reactions and their fans were quick to comment in support of the singer English.

“Wonderful speech from a great woman”, “Justice for Floyd”, “All lives matter”, “My respects and condolences to the family of Floyd”, “we Ask justice, we are people who deserve respect”, wrote some internet users.

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