Adele raises his voice with a powerful message of reflection:“racism is alive…but let’s not lose the focus”


The singer, Adele was surprised his followers with a powerful message since its account Instagram, in which he set his gaze and his thought due to the serious objection that it is to live in the united Statesfollowing the death of George Floyd in the hands of an agent of the Minneapolis police.

The protests for a just cause to call to eliminate all bias of racism in the nation, have been overshadowed by groups who star in scenes of vandalism and looting in shops in different states. Given this scenario, the famous british singer has not remained indifferent and lifted up his voice to encourage the fight, but without “losing focus”.

Adele wrote a message worthy of reflection next to a photograph of the citizen, an african-american killed. “The murder of George Floyd has caused a wave of indignation throughout the worldalthough there are many others who did not succeed in his day. But the protests and demonstrations that are happening simultaneously around the world are gaining momentum,” said the magazine Vanity Fair.

Through the years, the famous singer exponent of the soul has given evidence of his strong spirit to face the struggles of overcoming and it is precisely this feeling which he expressed in his message to the world, joining the voices of other celebrities that also call for justice for the death of George Floyd.

With a call to order, Adele is pronounced to the world

Between his words, Adele makes it clear that the wave of violence that is affecting the civic order in the united States is due to a manipulation, so needed in this sense to people to continue learning.

“It is completely correct that we are angry, but let’s not lose the focus. Continue listening, asking, and learning. It is important not to discourage us or let us manipulate at this moment.”

With a sentence of lapidarythe singer Adele warned by the signs of racism that are still entrenched in the society. “This is all about racism, systematic, violence of the police and the inequality. And it is not something that happens exclusively in the united States! Racism is alive and present in all parts”, he added.

In the publication, which already amount to more than 1 million ‘I Like it’, the super star is an idol for many generations, ended his message as well: that’s why I sympathize wholeheartedly with this struggle for freedom, liberation and justice”.

“This is why I sympathize wholeheartedly with this struggle for freedom, liberation and justice” concludes Adele, which this year is scheduled to issue its comeback album, one of the most anticipated of recent years. All the more reason to understand what you need from people as she lift up his voice in favor of this cause.

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