Adele shows us her version of “my body is mine and I decide” in 2020


DRAFTING. The media headlines and the pages of showbiz with regard to the new figure that Adele develera in his birthday number 32 in may 2020, have been for all tastes and colors.

Simply, the british singer has triggered the quarantine with the first photo you post on your Instagram in this year, which shows us a woman physically different.

As you can read in the epigraph, the publication dedicated a thank you to those who risk their lives to fight the emergency of our health and protect us all.

There is nothing to add on the fact that the change in physical (and possibly emotional) of Adele has been dramatic in the last few months and we have been privileged witnesses of this evolution.

But yes it is worth considering the other side of the event, which already became a whole news story on social networks: the reaction of the fans and not so fans.

Those who have always loved, have done so due to their talent and not necessarily by the figure (although for many, your poise and elegance are and always have been nothing more than spectacular).

The interpreter Someone Like You has demonstrated the dexterity of his voice endless times and their commercial success, in addition to the awards speak for themselves.

Therefore, for its most loyal fans the change was received with the greatest ovation.

However, it is the other side of “the omelette”: they think that with their new look you will not see anything good and, along with them, those who come to a strange concern because their health is impaired.

Surely there will be more positions in this regard, because if something is true, is that opinions abound in these contexts.

Away from all controversy, the big question is: Why have you decided to Adele to give a lesson to the world in the midst of an era that directs the human being to the neglect of standards of beauty that have for years dominated the industry?

In other words: Why have you decided to be thin in a time in which the invitation is to accept it fully as it looked at the beginning of your artistic career?

Clear that we accept fully your decision to be as she likes, and not just by being a part of the generation that decides on your body, but by a firm conviction of respect for self-determination.

However, we try to understand your message, and we review three possible motivations for taking that step.

1 – For personal satisfaction

It is known that Adele suffered post-partum depression after giving birth to her firstborn Angelo in October 2012, as she herself shared. In addition, in 2019 consummated the divorce with Simon Konecki.

Possibly these circumstances have led to a turning point in the life of the singer, the shed to look for a different style of life.

Although she has not given a statement about it, the photographs show that has been enjoying the process and that, apparently, is happy with her new figure.

2 – For health

It is worth clarifying that it is not the same to be ‘visually gordo’ or overweight, to being obese. In fact, “overweight is defined as a body mass index of 25 or greater and obesity as a BMI of 30 or more”according to the CDC of the united States.

Yes: the Center for Disease Control and Prevention ensures, based on the scientific research, that obesity increases the risk of conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and other.

On the other hand, that does not mean that a thin person can’t develop these diseases, but there is less of a risk, especially if the individual eats well and follows a healthy lifestyle.

Some portals confirm that Adele has been following a kind of diet that other celebrities have also chosen, which has been criticized by as very drastic.

The point is that, at least for her, the results have been evident and, given the concern of the fans, it is expected that your health is also best for this process.

Finally, it is not always the lose weight is the best option and, in effect, thousands of people find it difficult because conditions are congenital. Seeking professional support is always the way of choice.

3 – By the influence of the industry

A possibility quite a bit less than the previous, because in the present it has been seen widely on the inclusion of persons of different sizes in the entertainment industry.

Example of this are Céline Dion and Lizzoboth singers, who with indisputable difference in their body measurements and aspirations physical, they claim the self-love and the abundance of talent.

This is not to say that they have not been criticized. On the contrary, on many occasions they have been rained on wet roads. But that has not stopped and are, by far, two of the artists most successful of our time.

So, in the end, what remains is to enjoy the new Adele in this 2020, and his new music, which will surely arrive soon.