Alex Morgan charged against Cristiano Ronaldo


The next September 23rd will be held the awards gala FIFA The Best, and the ceremony has already accumulated some tension by the meeting between Cristiano Ronaldo and the footballer american, Alex Morgan, who pointed out strongly to the Portuguese when it came out and its scandal of alleged sexual abuse against Katheryn Mayorga. The front gave an interview in which he referred to his differences with the player.

Origin of the conflict

It all goes back to September of the year 2018, when Katheryn Mayorga filed a complaint against Cristiano Ronaldo for alleged violation. The complainant alleged that the pórtugués forced her to sign a confidentiality agreement in exchange for $ 375,000. The police opened investigations against the current player of the Juventusbut these were closed at the end of a few weeks.

Then that the Justice of the united States will dismiss the case of the alleged victim of the Portuguese, Alex Morgan published an article in against the player entitled ‘Ronaldo it is an icon of corruption in sports’, unleashing a real scandal in social networks, receiving support on the part of many, and messages of hatred on the part of the fans of the attacker luso.


Tensions remain high in the face of meeting Alex Morgan and Cristiano Ronaldo at the gala FIFA The Best, where both are nominated for the award for best footballer of the year, each one in its respective category. The player he referred to what happened months ago through the social networks. “I received a lot of hate for writing this, and I think that came from their fans,” said the american, ensuring that there were even several failed attempts of hacking of their accounts.

The world champion was challenged by how will your deal with the player of the Vecchia Signora. Morgan assured that will not have a treatment particular to ‘CR7’. “I don’t anticipate to get close to him in a different way than you would with any person in Milan. Yes I think that, in the framework of a climate of the era, many women have spoken, and it is important to support these women.”

The player spoke about his case of alleged rape. “The charges were dismissed and he can continue playing. It is not the only person that has happened to him, but he is one of the players most famous in the world today and, obviously, attracting attention. I think that it is important to continue to support women in situations of vulnerability and of fear.”

“It is not that do not think that he is one of the best players in the world, but that has nothing to do with it. Your work and the fact that you entertain people with what he does on the pitch has nothing to do with what he is as a person or with his actions,” said Alex Morganwho keeps leaving in doubt the innocence of Cristiano Ronaldo on the allegations raised by Mayorga.