Amazon Prime: the best short series for maratonear


Your plans for the weekend should include a very good marathon series Amazon Prime.

What are the best series to maratonear? There’s not really a special genre to do marathons, but if there are a few features that the series must meet to be perfect for that, in the first place, they must have good stories, of those that will catch you from the first minutes and don’t release until everything comes to an end (and you’ll always stay with you wanting more), in the second place, and, preferably, should be sufficiently short (or long) so that you can sit down to watch them from beginning to end without having to split your session in several days (because sometimes we want satisfaction quickly), and, finally, they must have characters with whom you feel sufficiently connected as to want to spend all day with them.

Netflix and HBO have a series that meet all those requirements, but Amazon Prime not far behind, perhaps not premiered many sets as your competition streaming (HBO is leading the race of the miniseries) and has thrillers, spy stories and dramas addictive that it’s impossible to stop watching once you start.

A good marathon never have enough, sometimes the only thing we want is to leave us alone with a good series that gives us an excuse to stay in the armchair next to our favorite person, living through the stories of characters who have lives that are much more intense than ours.

The catalog Amazon Prime continues to grow, but, if what you want is a very good series, which is comparatively short, these are 8 good series for maratonear:

A Very English Scandal

Length: 3 chapters

This mini-series of three chapters is perfect to start your marathon. Starring Hugh Grant and Ben Wishaw, the series travels to the past, to the London of the 60’s, to tell the story of the politician Jeremy Thorpe, who begins a relationship with a younger man, knowing that it could jeopardize his career, his position and his reputation. The series is inspired by a real case on one of the scandals most famous of England.


Duration: 2 seasons (with chapters no more than half an hour)

Inspired by the podcast of the same name, the series begins when Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts), a waitress, gets a visit that makes her remember a dark secret of his past, makes do she starts to investigate, he discovers that he was part of a secret program with which they were conducting experiments on soldiers, veterans of war without their consent. She must discover what she did and what happened to the soldiers before they try to stop it.


Length: 10 chapters

Al Pacino stars in this series in which, after the death of his grandmother, a teenager discovers that she was part of an organization dedicated to search and stop to the nazi officers that had been hidden in the united States after the war. Jonah begins to work within the organization, who discovers that there is a plan to create a new Reich and to control the world.

The Night Managers

Duration: 6 chapters

The miniseries starring Tom Hiddleston continues to a manager night at a posh hotel who is recruited to gain the trust and infiltrate the organization of a criminal dedicated to the traffic of weapons, all while trying to save an abused woman and have revenge for a murder that happened a few years back at your hotel.


Length: 12 chapters

The series of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, writer of No Time to Die, follows a woman in London trying to get his life in order and to survive the world after the tragic death of his best friend, which leads her to make decisions are very questionable (and funny).

Good Omens

Duration: 6 chapters

This is the fight most strange between heaven and hell. Michael Sheen and David Tennant portray an angel and a demon who, after an eternity of being enemies, they decide to start working together to stop the end of the world (which has been their home for years) and save humanity from extinction terrible, which starts with the arrival of the Antichrist.

The Widow

Length: 8 chapters

Kate Beckinsale plays a woman trying to deal with the death of her husband, but, just when you start to get over it discovers a proof that could be alive, what it takes to travel to the other side of the world to try to uncover what happened and bring him back home.


Length: 8 chapters (and an upcoming second season)

Inspired by the movie of the same name (with Saoirse Ronan), this series follows a teenager who has spent her entire life in a forest, training with his dad (who saved her when she was a baby from an organization that had been genetically modified and killed his mom) to learn how to survive, but, when the two are discovered, they must flee separately and do everything possible to remain alive until being able to meet.