Analysis | Love Life, a romantic comedy with the charm of Anna Kendrick


On the 27th of may was released in the united States the expected HBO Max, digital platform WarnerMedia that brings together all types of content belonging to the company, in addition to all these new productions that are going to be incorporating. Still lack a little bit for the on demand system comes to our payments in Latin america, but in the meantime we can go to “testing” what is to come. Among its first original series, we find Love Life, a romantic comedy format anthology, which draws every one of his seasons in an individual character in search of that perfect love.

The creation of Sam Boyd start with ten episodes (half hour approximately) centered in Darby Carter (Anna Kendrick), a young woman who comes from a family quite fractured. Mom and dad divorced when she was just four years old, so I remember little or nothing of that stability home, before you start to wander from home to home, where his parents formed new families. This seems to be the main reason for his constant search for affection and this romance perfect that meets all of your needs.

Right there, in that last sentence, lies one of the biggest problems “Love Life”: the representation of a modern woman and very able to only worry about the love and no other aspect of your life. We know Darby from chiquita, but their romantic adventures begin in the year 2012 when it is already installed in the city of New York, a recent graduate of the university, and working as a guide in an art gallery. We do not know with certainty what are their personal aspirations, because their biggest concern is not to spend their days in loneliness… even though you are surrounded by friends and a classmate of department (Zoe Chao) super canchera and uninhibited.

As well known to Augie Jeong (Jin Has), the first great romance of his list, as if it were the protagonist of “High Fidelity”. The idea may sound similar, but nothing further from the truth, for this idealist of love that soon looks like your dreams are forgotten when Augie (yes) decide to prioritize your work and moving to Washington DC. After several months of intense romance, the couple concludes that love at a distance is not going to work for them, and there, in the middle of the wedding of her boss, Darby discovers that Augie may not be that man “for a lifetime”.

Darby jumps from couple to couple, in search of the ideal love

Boyd knows how to take the best advantage of the features of its protagonist and Kendrick returns to shine thanks to its effervescent presence on the screen. But Carter it is not an interesting character with that other young women can identify with, here defined (to the naked eye) for every one of those men who stumble on their way. Darby jumps from job to job inconsequential, or take photography classes just to be able to mix within the cult group of friends Bradley Field (Scoot McNairy), his ex-boss, now in plan of divorce, it becomes that “second love”.

Wing long (or short), the generational differences make a dent in the relationship, although Darby and Bradley share almost a whole year of their lives. Like, “Love Life” focuses only on the love aspect of his protagonist and to his companion, as if women only think about their partners, 24 hours a day. In these first two episodes, there is barely a hint of knowing something more, something that has to do with their career and employment goals, lost among photos with babies, parties and family gatherings where you have to applaud with the kindred of the bridegroom.

They never lack friends cancheras

Ok, this is part of the idea of the series, and the DNA of its protagonist, but it’s hard to swallow that in the year 2020, the first thing we witness of Darby is a behavior quasi-child when the only thing that you expect is that call from Augie, after the first night spent together. It was not until the third episode (we’re already in 2015), we see a Carter more “mature” that you can play with your sexuality and its charms. If the idea of “Love Life” is to see the evolution of “loving” character, are to be understood certain decisions, but the approach of Boyd it is not the most “plausible” to say the least.

The tele already left us several products that break up these issues in a loving with best touch, commitment, and humor –“Girls”, “Insecure”, “Better Things”, “Fleabag”-, hence, “Love Life” does not provide anything new or invigorating to the whole, but it is still a proposal and entertaining single attractive thanks to its protagonist. The slow evolution of the character is appreciated, but not enough for Darby to become a true standard-bearer of the romantic comedy model TWENTY-first century.

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