Angelina Jolie meets 45 years: from victim of bullying to one of the best actresses of her generation Cinema


Casella ‘Cash’ Reese was just a name in a script. Had to search a girl, young, sexy, but at the same time it may seem cold and calculating. That looks dangerous, but at the same time seductive. The director of “Cyborg 2: la sombra de cristal” (1993), Michael Schroeder, chose the 18-year old girl that was modeling in Europe, that had suffered the harassment of his peers in school for his lean physique; the same girl that wanted to know nothing of his father, only six years later would win the Oscar for Best supporting Actress. That girl wide forehead, huge eyes, straight hair and thin arms was the version 1.1 of Angelina Jolie that the world of cinema known.

The first paper of Jolie was a killer and a spy, half human and half machine. While other roles would, it would be very difficult not to see it as the perfect balance between beauty and danger.

In his second film, “Hackers”, she met her first husband, Jonny Lee Miller. They were married in 1996 and their wedding day Jolie appeared wearing a pair of black leather and a white shirt where he had written the name of her boyfriend with blood. In the tape she played Kate ‘Acid Burn’ Libby, a hacker rebel. The reviews of his performance were quite positive and that opened the doors for future projects. The girl punk, light-hearted and with psychological problems that led even to hide in order to self-harm, began to grow in the film.

—Always current—

Recently the actress, who saw truncated the recordings of the movie in the Movie Universe of Marvel, “The eternal”, is being voceada to participate in a series of live action based on the video game “Kingdom Hearts”, a platform of role and adventure that intertwines the stories of the Disney movies. It is precisely the company’s streaming Apple+ that you would be in conversations with Jolie to re-interpret to Maleficent, her character in the tape, 2014.

—Family and past—

Hollywood landed his eyes on Angelina Jolie before he started to speak. Being the daughter of actor Jon Voight, his fate in the scenarios seemed to be defined. But she gave up on more than one occasion his acting classes. It was his way of getting away from his father because he kept resentment to fool your mom. Tried with the modeling and at the age of 15 already paraded on the runway of Los Angeles, New York and London.

At the age of 16 he decided to give it a new chance to the action. He appeared in the movies that his brother did work for the film school that he attended. When he was old, he decided to change the last name and said that his interest in acting emerged when he began to see films with her mother, explaining that her father had not taken that view in their vocation. Years later, in 2001, was featured in the movie “Lara Croft: Tomb Rider’, along with his Voight and said that if I ever had a relationship far away that was changing.

The actress has shown a great interest in helping the most vulnerable. He has traveled to more than 40 missions representing the UN and has been charged with using their popularity to denounce the abuses suffered by women and children at risk in countries such as Libya, Bosnia, Haiti, Congo, Syria or Iraq.

In 2000, she married the actor Billy Bob Thornton, but divorced after three years. In 2005 he began a relationship with Brad Pitt, who split in 2014.

Jolie has learned how to shine from the darkness that always conveyed as a girl rebel, desadaptada and risky. Tomorrow will meet 45 years and the life the found with three divorces, six children and a career in construction, worthy of a benchmark immortal of cinema.


Has built a solid career in theatre, film and television. He has won the award for Best Actress at the Malaga film Festival Spanish Cinema. It also took the award for best actress at the Biarritz International Festival of Latin American Cinema. And also the recognition of Best Actress in a Latin american Festival of Malaga Spanish Film.


Last year she starred in the tape “Eleven males 2”. has featured a lot in the theater and has won two awards Lights for his work in “The merchant of Venice” and “The test”. But it has also done many films such as “The lover of the liberator,” “Pixel family”, “Alone”, “Two kisses”, A “shadow front” and “black Butterfly”, among other tapes.


Award-winning Lights for Best Film Actress in 2011 for the movie “Bolero night”. He has acted in films of other countries as “Bloodthirsty of M1” of Mexico in 2010. Has also been highlighted in television productions since 1988.


Angelina Jolie dazzles at the D23 as the protagonist of “Maleficent 2” and “The Eternals”