Anonymous will reveal the second blow against the system


After they have been unleashed and unearthed several theories conspiracy against several famous and leaders world in which the group of hackers, Anonymous, has revealed during this crisis health where the world has become chaotic mainly due to the death of a u.s. citizen

The account of TikTok, @Yung_Brats_6_9_6 made a video in which Anonymous has revealed and will reveal your second blow to the systemthrough hacks that seeks to make, and bring to light; the most controversial issues of pedophilia in the that have been included figures public and political all over the world.

The queen Elizabeth II, Jeffrey Epson or Donald Trumphave been names that are included in the black list of names who have allegedly disappeared persons, have information valuable about networks pedophilia.

What the next silenced?

Now, according to the new information that has brought this group of hackers, including actors Will Smith and Chris Evansin that are supposedly in collusion with a network of child trafficking.

Also, accuse Hillary Clinton be in charge of getting children trafficked for the people of the world’s richest, in private parties of the elite of the elites, in which Epson, we got the children to Clinton and mysteriously the billionaire it suicide.

We also reveal that Justin Biebercould be the next silenced due to that a child was abused by the leaders of mñuscia who supposedly say they do.

Maybe you sorpenda who are the good guys of the movie and not what you’d think.

By: Writing Digital The Herald Mexico