Ariana Grande has already listened to the new BTS | Today


Ariana Grande and BTS became the maximum protagonists of the social networks few days ago. Possible collaboration it seems that is not so far from the reality, and that is what his millions of followers dream journal. But that is not the only reason that their names have occupied the front pages of all media.

Wow, stop the presses! BTS already has a new project ready and Ariana Grande has had the luck of listening to him. At least that is what has made it clear this January 28th through the social networks.

It all happened when he responded to a fan sent him a video in which BTS gave him some praise on the red carpet of the GRAMMYS. “Honestly, I could see them try something, and it was the most incredible I have ever seen. I’m not kidding. I was screaming. I could not stop talking about it, and I’m still without power to do so,” said the interpreter 7 Rings.

These words were not long in collapsing the social networks to the point of receiving more than 5,600 responses, of 47,000 likes and 117.500 “I like it”. Why is so much connection between the two artists? This question round the mind of millions of people, since Ariana shared the photo with the successful band, wonder if they finally will be encouraged to collaborate together.

If so, and judging by the success of both harvest, he would soon become an international hit. All that BTS and Ariana touch, turns to gold. It’s gold good!

It would not be the first time that the indirect between artists completion of this type of work, because already what we could see with this band of K-Pop and rapper Nicki Minaj. Weeks later, we were delighted with the new version of IDOL. So we can only hope and cross fingers that our wishes come true.