Ariana Grande worries her fans with preview of new song


Ariana Grande gives a preview of his next song; the american singer shared on her Twitter account a video with a grey background, and a melody that is still without a name.

The video only lasts 45 seconds, but the fans of Big are already making speculations about the possible name of the new project.

Accompanying the publication, Grande wrote a short message to their 72 million followers on Twitter.

”Strange to do things, I can’t wait to go back to work, but for now, let’s keep inside, please.”

Some days ago, the interpreter of “7 rings” mentioned in a live video in Instagram that he would not release any preview of his next project; now his followers are upset because your video is doing just the opposite.

Some fans are already drawing conclusions on that this could be a possible melody that Large recorded earlier, and without any plan to release it as part of his new record material, however, others are waiting for the date of official publication of this song.

“I knew that you could not keep it in secret for a long time lol I love you.”

“You are going to launch this in the night, right?”.

The video currently has over 14 thousand retweets and 51 thousand likes in your Twitter account.