‘Ballad of songbirds, and snakes’, prequel to ‘The hunger games’, now on sale in English – movie News


Francis Lawrence (‘In-flames’, ‘Sinsajo – Part 1’, ‘Sinsajo – Part 2’) take you to the cinema, the new book by Suzanne Collins, starring a young Corolianus Snow.

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“Corolianus dropped the handful of cabbage in the pot of boiling water and swore that the day would come that greens would never again touch his lips. However, the day had not yet arrived. I needed to eat a bowl of huge anemic vegetable and swallowed every drop of the soup so that we will not gruñera the stomach during the ceremony of the harvest.”. So begins The hunger games: Ballad of songbirds and snakes, the prequel of the famous literary saga of Suzanne Collins that today, Wednesday, June 3, has gone on sale in Spanish in RBA Mill. But what is exactly and what the plans are for Lionsgate to bring it to the big screen after the success of the tetralogy, starring Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen) and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark)?

Starting with his jump to the movies, Lionsgate has given the green light to Ballad of songbirds after how well that worked The hunger games (2012), The hunger games: In flames (2013), The hunger games: Sinsajo – Part 1 (2014) and The hunger games: Sinsajo – Part 2 (2015), all of them with the oscar-winning Jennifer Lawrence as the heroine Katniss Everdeen. Suzanne Collins will be directly involved and Francis Lawrence, director of the last three deliveries, will get behind the cameras and will be based on a script written by Collins and Michael Arndt (Star Wars: The awakening of the Force). This month of April, the president of Lionsgate, Joe Drake, communicated the following: “We are thrilled to bring together this team with this franchise so unique and we are anxious to begin the shooting”.

What’s going on ‘Ballad of songbirds, and snakes’

Although there are still no news about the cast, about the start of filming or on the release date, Ballad of songbirds, and snakes you will have as protagonist the a young Corolianus Snow, the future president of Panem played by Donald Sutherland in the original films. But Snow, with 18 years, there is still the tyrannical and cunning ruler that we all know. It is the morning of the harvest that will begin at the tenth edition of The hunger games and Coriolanus prepares for a unique opportunity: to touch the glory with the fingers as a mentor in the bloody ‘reality’. The Snow are going through difficult times, and his fate depends on him to exceed his companions in wit, strategy, and charm as a mentor in the tribudo assigned. But everything seems to be against you when will humble themselves and will assign to the tribute of District 12, who then will belong to Katniss.

Being a little more specific, the prequel, of nearly 600 pages, will deepen in the aftermath of the Dark Daysthe collapse resulting from the failed First Rebellion, when the then 13 districts of Panem were faced with the almighty Capitol in a civil war. But, as we know, the 13th District was supposedly destroyed, and the 12 survivors were subjected to the Treaty of the Treason that led to the creation of The hunger games. You will not see Katniss Everdeen, the character of Lawrence, as Ballad happens 64 years before the events of the first trilogy. But yes you will know more about Snow and you will learn to love Lucy Gray Baird, the tribute from 12.

It’s no surprise that Lionsgate is released to work in a new tape The hunger games. In the end, The hunger games Gary Ross and In flames, Sinsajo – Part 1 and Sinsajo – Part 2, all of them directed by Francis Lawrence, have raised collectively almost 3,000 million dollars in all over the world. As we know more details about the expected production -performers, date of release, etc-you will know in SensaCine.