Bandanas, accessory who worship the actresses, rock stars and princesses


The bandanas, scarves in the style of a pirate, that with so much glamour dressed Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy and Brigitte Bardot is back in fashion, and today they are the favorite accessory of Rihanna, Charlotte Casiraghi, the sisters Hadid or Kendall Jenner.

The history of fashion has it that this humble accessory-a piece of cloth in the shape of a triangle – it had its origin in the East. In the EIGHTEENTH century, the bandanas came to the West through the silk route and the british were the first to use them, and they were popularized in Europe.

In the Far West came together handkerchiefs between against rustlers and cowboys, an add-on that deployed the wings of sophistication during the happy and crazy 20’s when the ladies of high society wore silk combined with feathers, dressed in bright, pearl necklaces and high heels, in the style of the eccentric singer and dancer Josephine Baker.

More sensual I used to take them Elizabeth Taylor, who “liked to put on his voluminous mane and dropped the ends over the shoulder”, explained Pepa Fernández, an expert in fashion communication.

In the 70’s, when there was the aesthetic hippie, Brigitte Bardot defended the bandana with coquetry, and a certain naiveté, while Jacqueline Kennedy and Grace Kelly chose a style that is more relaxed and bucolic, “with the sunglasses above the headscarf,” explains Fernandez, who reminds the princess of Monaco used to wear them sophisticated, “luxury details” to accompany an evening gown.

Actress Helen Mirren, even today, still wearing bandanas as headbands as it was in the decade of the seventies when decantaba by models and prints with a lace to the height of neck. EFE