Beyonce and other artists are driving the ‘#BlackOutTuesday’, a blackout of music in tribute to George Floyd


The singer Beyoncé has been sentenced in his account of Instagram the death of George Floyd, who died by asphyxiation due to the pressure that Derek Chauvin exerted on your neck:

“We need justice for George Floyd. We’ve all seen this murder to the full light of day. We are broken and angry. We cannot normalize this pain. I’m not talking about just for people of color: if you are white, black, or any thing, I am sure that you feel desperate for the racism that is taking place in the US right now. No more killing of human beings, no black treated as someone inferior.”

“We cannot look the other way. George Floyd is part of our familybecause it is an american more. We have seen too many times these violent killings without consequences. Yes, it has been accused, but the justice is still far away. Please, sign petitions, continue to pray for peace and compassion do to heal our country. Thank you very much”.

Blackout music as a condemnation of racism

The words of Beyoncé are part of a blackout music that is done during this Tuesday, promoted by companies various record labels, u.s., as a response to the death of George Floyd.

The initiative is not to stream music through official channels, or making new releases, or sharing posts throughout the day as a condemnation of racism and police abuse.

This break has been driven under the hastag #TheShowMustBePaused and he emphasizes that this is not a day of rest, but in “a day to disconnect from work to listen to the voices of those people whose lives have been affected by racism and injustice, and to focus on accountability and transformation”.

9 minutes of break in television

Also, some television channels have wished to join this initiative, by cutting off his broadcast with the message “I can not breathe”.

What they have done during 9 minutes, the time that George Floyd spent in agony while the police officer dug a knee on the neck.