Bicwan due to jiminy Cricket and is a champion of DEM Written 2


Bicwan arose as the champion of the second version of DEM Written after winning a hard-fought final to jiminy Cricket. The battle was made live on the Instagram of DEM Battles.

Jiminy Cricket to reach the final beat to Relax in rooms and MC Samo in the semi-finals. For its part, Bicwan left in the way Jokker and Atri in two tremendous clashes.

The battle had rounds with beats, and a cappella, where the theme was Will Smith and John Carlos snowflake out. The jury voted 2-1 in favor of Bicwan in a duel very tight and that only was defined by details.

DEM Battles not to and already announced that it is coming the third version of DEM Written with new rappers who will be confirmed by your social networks. It should be remembered that Bearing was the first champion of this competition online.

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