Britney Spears and her boyfriend Sam Asghari are reunited

Britney Spears and her boyfriend Sam Asghari are resuming their life together after the long confinement, which had separated, communicating only in a virtual way.

The personal trainer of 26 years said in a conversation via Instagram with the presenter Jason Kennedy: “When we were not together we use FaceTime to make our training, the truth is that it worked very well.” All this time the singer you saved the quarantine of his family home located in Kentwood, Louisiana.

Sam Asghari and the princess of pop Britney Spears now take advantage of the increased time together and reveals that his girlfriend is an excellent tennis player: “We love cycling because it is an exercise of movement, solid and regular, which comes in handy to reduce the stress and anxiety. We played a lot of tennis, I think that I could be trained perfectly to be a professional player, so good is. Is a natural athlete”.